Giving back to the Teens

Chalk drawing - Relationship of body, mind and spirit

As most of you know AJ’s Angels was founded after the loss of our son AJ to pediatric cancer. We have since teamed up with St.Luke’s to help aid in research but also give support to the families going through a real-life hell we know too well.
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“Mind Spirit and Body” Program


St. Luke’s Mountain States Tumor Institute
Pediatric Oncology – “Mind Spirit and Body” Program

Did You Know? 70,000 young people (between the ages of 15 – 39) are diagnosed with cancer every year in the U.S. It’s the #1 cause of disease-related death in this age group. Since 1975, survival rates for adolescents and young adults have shown little to no improvement.
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Outdoor Play Area is Complete

Full Shot Best

As many of you know the Outdoor play area has been a big initiative for us for the past couple years. We’ve been giving you updates on the progress and we are excited to announce that the outdoor play area is complete. If you’re unfamiliar about this initiative, here’s a little about it.
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