“Mind Spirit and Body” Program


St. Luke’s Mountain States Tumor Institute
Pediatric Oncology – “Mind Spirit and Body” Program

Did You Know? 70,000 young people (between the ages of 15 – 39) are diagnosed with cancer every year in the U.S. It’s the #1 cause of disease-related death in this age group. Since 1975, survival rates for adolescents and young adults have shown little to no improvement.

The “Mind, Spirit and Body” Program at St. Luke’s MSTI Pediatrics – is the psychosocial support delivered through a patient navigator dedicated to the Adolescent and Young Adult pediatric cancer population to meet their unique needs, improve the chance of long-term survival, and support them through their life transitions.

What We’re Doing About It
St. Luke’s MSTI has a long history of developing and sustaining patient centered programs that enhance the quality of life of pediatric cancer patients. Times of transition is a term used to refer to the time during diagnosis and treatment as well as impacting the lives of patients as they progress through changes in treatment, end treatment, make life transitions, including advancing education or developmental levels, making friends, finding jobs, or helping surviving family members cope with loss, and the like.

Adolescents and Young Adults (AYA) deal with a lot of changes. It could be getting through high school, moving across the country to go to college, starting a new job or even having children. Imagine adding a cancer diagnosis. Unfortunately it happens. We want to focus on the AYA population, meet their unique needs, and help them experience a normal life during this difficult time.


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